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  • Mobile App

  • Where can I get this awesome app?

    Glad that you ask, my friend. If you have an iPhone or iPad, download it here. For Android users, this way please.

  • Can I edit my photos directly in the app and also create collages?

    You can - in fact - apply amazing filters, use our collage editor, rotate, zoom and resize images. All the cool stuff the hip kids are doing.

  • Can I put multiple recipients for one and the same card?

    You most certainly can! From this day on, you can write one card to as many folks as you like. Just add them with a single tap on the recipient screen.

  • What does “sign with a swipe” mean?

    To make the card crazy personal you can digitally sign it with your finger. That will give it a real signature look. Granny is going to freak out!

  • How many characters can I use for my message?

    Oh boy, you’re getting specific here...Try to stay under 1000 characters and you’re good.

  • What resolution should my images have?

    We gotta print it, so make sure not to crop out too many dirtbags from the background. But fret not, we display a warning in the app when the image doesn’t meet printing standards.

  • Can I also share my postcard online?

    Of course. Once purchased and sent, you can share the front of your card via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or oldschool via email or text message. Note: The back of your card will never be shared of course.

  • Payment

  • How much does a postcard cost?

    $1.99 for every postcard. No matter if domestic or worldwide. Production, handling, postage & shipping all in.

  • How much does an international postcard cost?

    We just said it’s $1.99 — eyes on the ball, please!

  • What payment methods can I use?

    Credit Card, PayPal and Apple Pay. The choice is yours. Note: Android Pay is coming once the folks at Google are ready for us.

  • Do I get a receipt or an invoice?

    Yes, for each purchase you’ll receive a beautiful email with purchase confirmation info and receipt. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

  • Production

  • Can I change my postcard afterwards?

    Nope. All fully automated. Nuttin we can do.

  • What format do the postcards have?

    I think it is standard 4x6 inch postcard format, but let me look it up again.

  • Is the printing any good?

    You bet! All postcards are printed on quality stock paper and sealed with protective coating to make sure they get to their destination unharmed. Provided your doggy won’t attack the mailman.

  • Where do you print and ship those beauties from?

    All cards will be printed and shipped from the USA. California to be more exact.

  • Shipping

  • How long does shipping take?

    1-2 business days for domestic. International shipping will be a tad longer depending on your destination.

  • When do you ship?

    For cards that we receive until 1pm -> the same day. Cards received Fridays after 1pm, will be shipped the following Monday. Please note that no mail is delivered on National holidays.

  • My card did not arrive after 7 days. What should I do?

    Dang, that should never happen. Double check the address you sent to. Maybe you’re the one who fudged up. If there’s no error on your side, please get in touch with our support and we will do our best to get to the bottom of it.

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